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本文摘要:Late Thursday, Apple (AAPL) public relations reached out to several news organizations — including the Wall Street Journals All Things Digital — to alert them that what it described as a temporary issue that affected a small number of user


Late Thursday, Apple (AAPL) public relations reached out to several news organizations — including the Wall Street Journals All Things Digital — to alert them that what it described as a temporary issue that affected a small number of users had been rectified.上周四晚些时候,苹果(Apple)公关部门向还包括《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)旗下的科技博客All Things Digital在内的多家新闻媒体公布通告,称之为苹果(应用程序商店)曾经常出现“暂时性问题”,影响了“一小部分用户”,这个问题目前早已获得“修正”。Apple PR apparently neglected to reach out to Marco Arment, a co-founder of Tumblr, the creator of the popular Instapaper app and a iOS developer with an unusually large following through his blog, his Twitter account (@marcoarment) and his Build and Analyzepodcast.不过,苹果公关部门似乎把马可?阿蒙德忘了。阿蒙德是微博客Tumblr的创始人,并研发了大受欢迎的应用程序Instapaper。

作为一名iOS开发者,他的个人博客、Twitter账号(@marcoarment)以及“研发与分析”播客(Build and Analyze)都享有数量可观的粉丝团。That may have been a mistake.也许这知道是个错误。It was Arment who first spotted the problem two days earlier when Instapaper users began complaining that his latest update crashed immediately every time they launched it. Arment e-mailed Apples App Review team and started yelling about it on Twitter. Within two hours a working version of Instapaper appeared on the App Store.苹果公告公布的前两天,阿蒙德就首先找到了这个问题。当时许多Instapaper的用户责怪,升级到最新版后,Instapaper不会在启动后立刻瓦解。

阿蒙德立刻向苹果的应用程序审查团队收到了邮件,他还在Twitter上将问题曝光。两个小时后,一个长时间能用的Instapaper在应用程序商店新的下架。But he soon realized that the problem was more widespread than just his app. Over the next two days he compiled a list of more than 100 apps whose updates worked perfectly when they were submitted to Apple but were corrupted when they arrived at the App Store. He warned users and developers not to update their apps until the problem was corrected, and he issued an urgent request — in boldface — to Cupertino:不过,阿蒙德迅速意识到,这个问题某种程度影响到了自己的应用于。在接下来的两天时间里,他整理出有了一份名单,其中的应用程序数量居然多达了100个。



So when Arment saw Apples press statement on someone elses blog, he couldnt resist posting a correction:所以,当阿蒙德在其他人的博客上看见苹果的声明后,他不禁在自己的个人博客上对其展开了驳斥:Its probably worth nitpicking a small number of users: Based on my cumulative stats for July 3, Instapapers corruption alone probably affected well over 20,000 customers, and there were over 120 other apps affected, including some very big names such as Angry Birds, GoodReader, Yahoo, and the LA Times.“所谓‘一小部分用户’是站不住脚的:根据我在7月3日统计资料的数据,意味着Instapape的问题就影响到了多达2万名用户,而且,还有其他120多个应用程序受到波及,其中少有著名应用于,例如‘气愤的小鸟’(Angry Birds)、GoodReader、雅虎(Yahoo)和《洛杉矶时报》(LA Times)等。”Apples temporary issue was, in fact, the App Stores worst bug in four years of operation — a meltdown that Wired dubbed Appageddon. It was ultimately traced, as Arment correctly anticipated, to an issue with a server that applies Apples digital rights management protection to apps before they are released.所谓“暂时性问题”,实质上是苹果应用程序商店运营四年以来再次发生的尤为相当严重问题,这场灾难被《连线》杂志(Wired)称作“Appageddon”。

相反阿蒙德之前应验的,问题的根源在于苹果的一台服务器出有了问题,该服务器负责管理将苹果的数字版权管理维护软件加到到将要公布的应用程序中。Arment was pretty easy on Apple, all things considered. He pointed readers to a MacWorld report that the company might be removing the one-star ratings many apps had unfairly received during the meltdown. I wouldnt have predicted that, Arment wrote. If they do, it will go a long way toward repairing their relationship with the affected developers.不过总而言之,阿蒙德对苹果非常尊重。



假如苹果真为这么做到,将大大不利于修缮该公司与不受影响的开发商之间的关系。”He was not so kind to the more than four dozen tech reporters who piled onto the story, often without giving him credit or — even worse — trying to make it sound like it was their scoop. In a series of tweets he calls Rewrite Bingo, he covers the press coverage. You can read it here.阿蒙德对于那五十来个争相报导这起事件的科技记者就没有那么尊重了。这些记者大都对阿蒙德的贡献只字未提,甚至企图将该报导伪装成自己发掘出来的独家新闻。